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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Post A Day For A Week Challenge 4: Random

Today, I went to the bank.

              It was raining.

On my way......a man down the sidewalk I was walking seemed to be urinating on a tree.

            I crossed the street after I noticed.

I made it to the bank and as I waited in line, someone requested that they need to call someone else to the counter.

          The lady who was being served at the counter seemed to take it up upon herself to confront the person who spoke first.

Then commotion erupted.

        So it turned into a 4 way 'talking over each other' moment.

It was calmed by another worker only to erupt again when the woman, who was being served finished her transaction, decided she didn't want it to end.


Why can't people utilize the ability to ignore and block out stupid?
Come on!
I do this all the time.
It's like second nature for now.

Anyone else a master of blocking out stupid? :D

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