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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Post A Day For A Week Challenge 2: Review for Kyoukai No Kanata: I'll Be Here Movie (Part 2)


I watched the second part of the two part movie for Kyoukai No Kanata last night and I was left slightly miffed and unsatisfied. I had hoped that this part would clear up the loose ends from the anime series and the first part of the movie. However, I was left with more questions then answers to the questions from earlier in the series. For example: Mirai's past was revealed but (IMO) it wasn't anything new. I learned was that she's from the cursed blood clan and that her mother was murdered along with herself???? (I believe. It got so confusing at that point) because they're from the cursed blood clan (WHICH ISN'T ANYTHING NEW!) and seemingly were revived in the youma world??? Seriously, those scenes literally lost me. It basically seemed like a redone version of the anime series, only now, with a Mirai who has lost her memories due to a youma that was in her (from the beginning or later I can't say), and all the melodrama that went with it. (Honestly, how many more times are they going to rehash the same, same thing of "Mirai isn't normal. Mirai is weird. Mirai isn't human. Mirai is a monster. Mirai is continually blaming herself for everything blah blah blah. I went through 10+ episodes of this already and to go through it again....come on. Akihito is in a similar if not a worse situation in my opinion).
I really wanted to love this movie but it really just seemed like a rehash of the anime with added nit bits that only increased the number of unanswered questions i.e (a) like who the hell is Akihito's mother? They claim she's just a super powerful spirit warrior and has a son who is a half youma. She knows too much (to not be an important character) who shares little. At the end of the battle she states a supposedly 'hypothetical' situation that she's a gatekeeper for the gateway between the human and youma world. THAT IS A PRETTY SERIOUS AND MIND-BLOWING HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION ISN'T IT!!! (b) who the hell is Akihito's father? Like an immortal youma didn't seem interesting enough to go into detail for then?!? Come on, the fact that a human and a youma can produce an offspring should've been more in focus and developed. Where is he? Why does no seem interested in wanting to learn even a little bit about him? Wasted opportunity to learn about the youma world, how it operates and why these two worlds are connected. (c) I believe that higher powers and organizations exist due to the fact the Akihito's mom seems to work in a completely different line of assignments, answers to some other higher up than the Nase family and the other people 'looking to take control of the area the Nase family is in control of', and coming comes into the picture if something is going to cause harm to her son or the balance between the two worlds.
At the moment, I don't know if the series is continuing but I'm so invested in these characters and their world I'm thinking of searching for the original work (a light novel series) and hope that I can get answers to these questions.
The second part of the movie really seemed to have been created just to tie the loose ends in Akihito and Mirai's romance. I love them together but creating so many plot holes doesn't justify how they went about it.
I highly recommend the series. It's dark and heart wrenching story with some nice comedic tones. The animation is beautiful. The characters and their development are done pretty well. It has a suitable progression in the story with some confusing moments. Overall, it's a lovely watch (anime, ovas, specials and movies) that I believe will be worth your time.

Movie rating: 7/10

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