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Monday, December 21, 2015

Post A Day For A Week Challenge 3: Unique finds (Literature Edition)

This post is going to be really short but hopefully to the point.

Today I'm going to chat a bit about a magazine I found at Barnes and Noble about a month ago.
It is called Bella Grace. There website is It cost me $20 US but it was definitely worth it. The content and quality is excellent and you won't regret purchasing it (especially if you like or want to enjoy the simpler and quieter quality of life)
This is from their 'Who We Are' section on their website:

"Founded in 2014, Bella Grace came about because of a shared love of simple and slow living 
President Kellene Giloff and Editor-in-Chief Christen Hammons.

We believe:
An ordinary life can be extraordinary,
there is beauty in imperfection,
and that magic can be found in the everyday.

Our aim is to touch the souls of our readers through beautifully penned stories and striking 
photographs that capture life’s beautiful journey. For anyone who is tired of trying 
to fit ill-considered standards of what beauty is supposed to look like or reaching for 
unattainable ideals – Bella Grace gives you permission to just go ahead and toss them. 
Embrace imperfection. Celebrate your messy life. Shine a spotlight on small, everyday moments 
– they are special, and they are yours.

If you are looking for the most creative, inspirational women’s magazine available today
– you’ve come to the right place. The topic of each narrative differs greatly, 
from defining self identity 
to the simple charm of the clothesline, but the common bond between them is clear: live authentically 
and with purpose; find poetry in the everyday. Each issue contains interactive lists, thought-provoking 
prompts, and spaces for readers to respond directly on its pages."

They accomplish everything they set out for and more.
I'm half way through the magazine and each story makes me literally slow down and immerse myself in the worlds that each writer presents in the works they created.
I highly recommend this magazine as it literally takes you on trips through the writers experiences, makes you slow down and truly take in and enjoy life, and allows you to feel the mystical and magical presence from the world around us.

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