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Saturday, June 17, 2017

K-Pop Monthly Spotlight: April 2017

Sadly this month's Monthly Spotlight is once again late.


I'll try to do better so let's get straight to it.

The following 5 are the K-pop acts/scandal/whatnots that stood out to me:

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Comeback title: Good night

My Rating - MV: 3.5/5
                    Song: 4/5

Two singles and they are definitely on my 'to look out for' list.
Dreamcatcher are back with 'Good Night'. MV wise it continues the story told in their debut track 'Chase Me'. What's the story about?......umm....I know there's witchcraft and magic stuff in it......after that I have no clue. But the music is what's important and they continue to drum up my interest. Rock and idol groups? Not that many but Dreamcatcher are definitely changing that especially in the female group department. Amazing instrumentals and backing track that you can let loose and rock out to. Choreography is a standout. It's still your 'perfectionized' (is that a word? I doubt it but we'll roll with it) dance moves but it's actually dancing and not just posing and feminine style seductive movements. Sorry, I suck at these descriptions but you'll get it when you see it. Vocals are complementary and not washed out or made weirdly cute. It's just a hardcore rock idol girl group. And it's awesome.

'my wallet is ready! it is LIT!' by chibiJ 2017

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Solo debut title track: "Ni Na No" (니나노) (featuring Flowsik)

My Rating - MV: 4/5
                     Song: 4/5




I am being overly excited but this is really something that Minzy deserved.

I have been waiting for years for Minzy to get solo work while she was in YG and for those of you who followed 2NE1 you know how that turned out. Well, now she's in a new company and is now a solo artist with her debut track Ni Na No" (니나노) featuring Flowsick. First, Congratulations Minzy for this is an amazing feat to reach. I love the instrumental and backing track. It has that slight club and pop tone going for it and I have been leaning towards it lately as I get older. Minzy's voice is not over powered and performs very nicely. The choreography is not over the top and matches the smooth and slightly sultry tone of the song. This song and MV is quite tame compared to what I expected. But then I realized while watching the MV, that this is most likely the real grown up Minzy that she wanted to showcase. All I've known is the image that YG entertainment had for her and seeing this side of her is exciting and refreshing. MV was entertaining. Didn't really have a plot but showcased her dancing and how gorgeous she is. Like YG.....why you keep her from traditional feminine clothes. Dang.

Please give her full album a listen on Spotify. It's really good especially for a solo artist debut one.

Oh My Girl


Comeback title: Coloring Book (thumbs up)

My Rating - MV: 3.5/5
                      Song: 4/5

OMG are back again with 'Coloring Book' and continue to fill one of the holes in my K-pop girl group heart (Thanks 2nd gen disbandments :'( ). Coloring Book continues to showcase OMG's signature style (or what I see it as) . High energy. Great choreography. Bright colors. Appealing aesthetics (*cough*Mimi*cough*Bini). The song has some elements of their previous releases e.g. Cupid (marching band sound/feel) and Liar Liar (high tones and energy). The MV was pretty interesting due the literal incorporation of splattering paint all over the walls and themselves that were stark white. This is also the 2nd set of activities that member JinE will be absent from. I am truly impressed and happy that WM Entertainment is taking her anorexia seriously and are looking for long term treatment. I look forward to seeing her on the stage again or if she chooses not too I will not be heart broken as I'll know it'll be in her best interest.

Berry Good


Comeback title: "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"

 My Rating - MV: 2/5
                       Song: 3/5

My initial listen and watch for this comeback left me feeling nonchalant and disengaged.
Now, after doing that again I can confidently say
that the MV made me have immense disdain for this song. The song is decent. Your standard kpop idol girl group song: right from the formulation to MV. It's not something I would want to spend my money because there are better cookie cutter idol songs that have a more interesting twist to them that make them interesting enough to not bore me. But the MV is such a low budget production that I felt bad for these girls. In a lot of the cut scenes they look like they are slightly cringing and some seem to be half-heartedly performing the choreography. The outfits were horrible. Seriously. Those dresses. Those cheerleader outfits......URGH!!! I know they don't have a large budget to splurge but an attempt would have been nice. I came hoping to get back into them but left solidified in my decision to not look out for them in the future. Sad as I was a fan of their debut track.



Comeback title: Palette 

My rating - MV: 5/5
                     Song: 5/5

IU is back and continues to impress. I love seeing IU's growth as a woman, an adult and a musician. She seems to have found her sound and style as shown through 'Palette'. Smooth, jazzy, pop, slightly sultry. I can put more words but these really stood out to me. I love how the MV and the song lyrics are connected together telling the story of IU as she ages and matures. I was concerned about G-Dragon's part but was pleasantly surprised by how much his part fit in and made me think he was meant to be on this track. Everything was mellow but bright to me. An excitable mellow feel. The story of one's life as they mature from a baby adult to a mid tier one. The album is a pleasant and enjoyable listen. Never on the dull side. I highly recommend it.

Till next time.

~ chibiJ

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