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Saturday, May 20, 2017

K-Pop Monthly Spotlight: March 2017

Welcome back to another K-pop Monthly Spotlight! (late I know!!)

This edition is for March 2017 and it's a relatively quiet month (from my side that is). Let's get into it.

1. Produce 101 Season 2 a.k.a boy version a.k.a Scandals 101


Honestly, I wasn't sure what to think about the male version of this show when it was first announced. I wasn't surprised but not that all intrigued. All I could remember envisioning is all the horrible treatment the girls got but it was guys instead. However, that quickly changed after news broke about certain changes that would be applied to this version of Produce 101 e.g. the promotion time will be longer (..........HUH!!!!). That right there pissed me off but then things started happening and the damn show hadn't even started yet!!

You would think that the producers for the series would've learned their lesson from the debacle that was Season 1 (female version) but it seems they still have a long way to go. Who knows, this could be what they wanted to get even more viewers than last time. I mean people love gossip and scandals and it'll definitely get peoples attention.

NB: All listed below will not be in order of when the events happened!!

a) Contestant Han Jong Yeon left the who due to a controversy regarding rumors of him severely bullying a classmate when he was in elementary school (Soompi article link: Click Here)

b) 2 Contestants left due to health issues: first to leave was Kim Si Hyun then Nam Yoon Sung. (Soompi article links: Click Here and Here)

c) There were accusations of discrimination based on the ranks that the boys held. In a nutshell, higher ranks got to eat, shower and whatnot first while lower ranks got the scraps. (Kpopstarz article links: Click Here or Here)

d) There's also the issue of already established groups and/ members taking part in the show ( 4 members of Nu'est, a former ToppDogg member, 2 members formerly of HotShot). Please politely correct me if I have the wrong groups or # of members.
(Soompi  related article link: Click Here)

e) And there's also reports of Mnet staff coercing participants into being quiet about the controversies that we out circulating in the media. In 'not so nice' ways. (Soompi article link: Click Here)

And all this before the dang show even airs. Congratulations Mnet, you continue to show the industry and its fan base how incompetent you are. At least netizens won't have to work to dig up info on you....I mean you are constantly digging a grave for yourselves with every new release. Is it that hard to go without avoidable scandals for once?!

I will be watching this season but not when they are released. I prefer to binge watch things so I'll be back once I've watch at least 3/4 subbed episodes.

2. T-ara: Final group album release in May and possible disbandment?

MBK CEO says 'nope!' and gives vague reasoning. As expected. But would you look at that......turns out it's true! Well, there goes all my 2nd gen groups...the ones who brought me into K-Pop. Sigh!!

3. Dal Shabet's Subin's solo music: PRECIOUS GEM!!

I am a huge fan of Dal Shabet especially with their later releases. It's such a shame the group has never gotten a firm hold in the industry. But that hasn't stopped Subin from doing what she's good at...and that is singing and producing music. Her works are hidden gems. I do warn that if you are not interested in quirky, indie, slower or slower pop mood type songs then her releases won't be your cup of tea. However, if they are definitely give her songs a listen. My first song by her was 'Flower' and I was smitten. I then binged listened to whatever was available on Spotify. Then proceeded to YouTube and found the MVs for some of releases e.g. Strawberry (beautifully shot).

Just 3 this month.

See you next month! (Well, since this is late, so it'll be this weekend but you get it....right?)


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