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Friday, February 19, 2016

Fairy Tail Fan Merchandise Review: Blanania's Storenvy

Hello to everyone that reads this or just stumbled onto it.

Today I'll be doing a review for some fan merchandise designed by Grace Tran (who is famously known as Blanania in the Fairy Tail fandom) for the anime/manga series "Fairy Tail" created by Hiro Mashima. Before I go into the review I'm just going to talk a bit about my love and passion for the series.

All the items together!!

It was in 2010 that I started to watch the anime (after putting it off since it's release). I watched it fully till the grand magic games, where it went on a hiatus as it caught up with the manga. In
2011, after the series went on a break, I decided reread the manga from the beginning. This was due to the fact that I had previously started the manga and got bored, then later after seeing fan art of character pairings that had me like "what!" made me want to investigate. Now I'm obsessed with series even with it's obvious imperfections and annoyances. After finding more fan art and their respective artists I stumbled upon Grace's tumblr account. From that moment, I have been a solid and firm fan of her work. She is constantly working to improve her art and it definitely shows.

The items I purchased were key chains of a good chunk of the Fairy Tail cast including the Dragons for the Dragon Slayers. I bought the complete set of key chains totaling 28 (excluding the 3 Dragons making it total 31). They were purchased on her Storenvy page (which can be found below). I used Pay Pal to buy them (I won't be going into detail about the purchasing process on Storenvy nor Pay Pal as this review is only for the products themselves. I also believe that there's instructions for using them on their respective sites for newbies).

In cases (+ extras)

Out of cases
Grace packaged them like it was the end of the world! Hahaha! Something I'm very grateful for as I know that nothing was getting in or out of the package. The key chains are very well made and the illustrations are clearly visibly without any blemishes. Whoever Grace got to produce these key chains are an A+ in my books. My one nitpick is the actual hooks for the key chains. About a few of them were slightly beginning to peel but that is nothing serious. Like I said, it's only a slight nitpick.

I also got 3 illustrations from her as well. I squealed like I had just met my K-pop bias or something. I was so happy to get them. When her had store reopened last year I had tried purchasing them before but had problems with my Pay Pal and missed out on the chance to pick the illustrations I wanted. Now look here, I got some.


I want to talk a little bit on the contact and service that was offered. Whenever I had a question or concern I would just shoot Grace an email (you'll get an address after your order is confirmed) and most of the time get a quick response between 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the time (remember, those who live in the West, she lives in the East which is approximately 12 hours ahead). It took less than a week to arrive. However, due to the fact that the tracking site was in Vietnamese I got a little confused after it seemed to stop updating but I got the package surprising on time it seems.

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase and the service provided by Grace. I plan to purchase from her in the future (wanted to this month but unfortunately can't :( ). I hope you give her store a look one day and support her. To keep to date with the openings and closings of her store I suggest following her tumblr page (at this point in time she's on an indefinite hiatus).

Business cards
Inside of case 

Handwritten note from Grace

Case that I also bought

Close ups of Key chains



[P.S To Grace (if you ever read this): Thank you so much for your work in the Fairy Tail fandom. I have been a fan since I found out you were the artist behind some of my favorite Fairy Tail fan art. I have seen some the negative responses to your art (especially for crack pairings like Bixanna, which I'm personally a fan of and thank you for it!) and to see you not only handle them with such maturity and rightful hurt but to rise above that and continue to strive and grow. I, and your other supporters, will be waiting patiently for your return because you are a wonderful person and deserve the love and support that you get. Take care of yourself. Jasmine]

Blanania's Contact Info: 

ALWAYS REBLOG!! ALWAYS CREDIT!!! ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION FIRST FOR USE!! (Not by saying "Credit goes to the respective owners"!!! These artists most likely have Tumblr, Instagram, Pixiv or Deviant Art art accounts!! Also saying it's from Google is NOT crediting a content creator!! Just take some time to do the research. It's the respectful and legal thing to do. It also shows that you support them and the pieces they work hard to produce.)

Thank you to those who read and take care.
May the Lord God continue to keep and carry you through this life.


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