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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recent and pleasant surprise finds in the world of J-Pop (for me mind you)

Hello random people who read or stumbled onto my blog!!

This a random post that I have been putting off since September 2015.

So here it is: Some lovely finds in the J-Pop world.

I won't be going in dept into why they caught my attention but I'll give a slight summary.

Mind you that I am not the most well-versed individual in music genres so my descriptions might be slightly off but close enough.

Date                          Groups/Artists                                                 Description

1st Aug                   Lyrical School                                              Slightly cutesy hip-hop/pop feel

                              Especia (personal fav)                                  80s to late 90s funk feel

                              Negicco                                                          Old school 80s to late 90s funk feel

                              Curumi Chronicle                                          Solo female EDM/electronic

I also learned today (pretty late if you ask me) that she has quit the music industry. (Source:

                              Steamgirls                                                    Rock/pop with cute steam-punk outfits

9th Sept                 Predia                                                          Mature & sophisticated themed J-Pop

                              Band-Maid                                             Rock/metal, cute maid outfits

Early 1/2 2015      LinQ                                                       J-Pop, full of energy and a local idol group

If anyone has any suggestions for me I'll be really grateful. It's so hard to find source material for acts in Japan. I like many genres so you can just throw all you got at me and who knows I might find a gem.

Till next time.

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