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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Happy New Year to everyone!
Yes, I'm like...... a month late but hey, better late than never as they say.

                                                                   (who is they??)

2014 was the beginning and ending of quite a few events in my life.
Some of those events included cutting some people out of my life, experiencing living in a foreign country for a year (school related), trying to establish a proper eating and exercising habits (which I totally flunked DX ) and many more.

They were many celebrations and mournings for 2014 as well.

The World Cup 2014 was interesting that year. FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil and teams like Brazil, Argentina and Spain were the popular from runners to win; Brazil fell apart in the finals against Germany (MY TEAM!! YAY! GERMANY!) after their captain was hurt and couldn't continue (correct me if I'm please!), Argentina relied too heavy on Messi which led to their downfall, and Spain was knocked when they lost all of their Group B matches. It was an interesting  year for the World Cup and I'm still overjoyed that my favorite team , Germany, won. Say what you like but they deserved it. Enough said.

Ebola and ISIS struck among many others, which contributed to many deaths across the world.
With the gradually rising racial tensions in the United States from quite a number of events from the previous year, Micheal Brown's death and Officer Darren Wilson's acquittal of Brown's murder was the tipping point. These events and many more shocked the recent generation of young people who have never seen nor heard of such actions.

For me 2014 revealed many aspects of myself that I have tried to sweep under the rug, just accept and just plain ignore their very existence. I'm lazy, pleased with just an average grade, procrastinator, uninspired and many more. It was like the Lord just lit a light bulb off in my mind, heart and spirit. I am not a child anymore. I can't have people waiting on me head to toe anymore (that's a little exaggerating but you get the point.....I Hope). If my body, mind and spirit are not functioning properly then I'm the one who will suffer. I was blessed with a healthy overall well being, with a family who cares for me, opportunities for the future and there I was wasting and taking for granted the little things that many others would beg for.

2015 is going to be a comeback year. No more second guessing. No more just lazing about. No more unhealthy food for my body (physical, mental and spiritual). I want to stand tall and do what I can with what I am blessed with. The Lord Jesus is with me every step I take. I have no need to fear. Regardless what happens, how long things may take or even if He wants me on another path, I know He will walk with me, guide and carry me through everything that this world has to throw at me.

2015....I'm ready for you.....Are you?

I hope and pray that whoever reads this that they may have a very blessed and successful year; and what whatever may come your way that The Lord will carry you through it. Take care!

Till next post!
(whenever that is :D )

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