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Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Anime Series Picks: First Impressions Overview

Today I will be talking about some series from the current season as well the previous season (in short: Summer 2016 and Fall 2016). I have not explicitly talked about anime on this blog before, other than the Fairy Tail merchandise review and a bit in the CDJapan review, and I am hoping to change that with this post.

The series that I want to do these first impressions (and possible reviews if I finished them) for are (but not limited to the 2 seasons listed):

                                                  [IN ORDER OF 'MY QUEUE' LIST ON CRUNCHYROLL, WHERE I'M WATCHING THEM]

Title                                                          Overall rating (5 points)                             1st Ep/Finished
Dream Festival                                                          3.5                                                       1st Ep

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!                        3                                                         1st Ep

Amanchu!                                                                 4.5                                                       1st Ep

Nanbaka                                                                    4.5                                                       1st Ep

YURI!!! ON ICE                                                       5                                                         1st Ep

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance [Currently on episode 1. Video crashed a number of times before this post]

Bakuon!!                                                                   3.5                                                       1st Ep

Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless!                                 4                                                         1st Ep

Locodol                                                                      4                                                         1st Ep

Ojisan and Marshmallow                                          3.5                                                       1st Ep

Mr. Osomatsu                                                             5                                                         1st Ep

Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto                              4                                                         1st Ep

Tsukiuta. The Animation                                           3.5                                                       1st Ep
[watching on]

                                            EVERYTHING FROM THIS POINT ON I HAVE FINISHED!

B-Project                                                                     4                                                    1st Ep+F (3.5)

Space Patrol Luluco                                                    5                                                    1st Ep+F(5)

Please tell me! Galko-chan                                         4                                                    1st Ep+F(5)

The Ancient Magus' Bride                                          5                                                    1st Ep+F(5)
[I read there's a 2nd part but it's not confirmed so it's on this part of the list]

School-Live!                                                               5                                                    1st Ep+F(4.5)

Yuki Yuna is a Hero!                                                   4                                                    1st Ep+F(4.5)

Komori-san can't decline                                           3.5                                                  1st Ep+F(4)

Tabimachi Lateshow                                                   5                                                    1st Ep+F(5)


One Punch Man                                                           5                                                      1st Ep+F(5)

Dance With Devils                                                     3.5                                                     1st Ep+F(4)

Starmyu                                                                       4                                                       1st Ep+F(4)

Love Live! Sunshine!!                                                3.5                                                     1st Ep+F(4)

Since it's quite a substance list I'll do another post (when it's time for anime stuff again) with the actual first impressions and possible review of the finished ones.

To end this post I'll talk about the types/genres of anime I enjoy and how I'll rate the listed series.

Types/Genres of anime I like/love/look for/have an obsession with:

         Top tier: Slice of life, Coming of age, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Music, Comedy, Magic
         Mid tier: Reverse-harem, Josei, Shoujo, Drama, Sports, Sci-Fi
         Lower tier: Adventure, Shounen, Supernatural, School, Parody

a) I don't limit my viewing to just those listed but they are the ones that I frequent the most

b) Genres I DO NOT watch are: Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Horror (if there is an element of it in a series then I'm fine but HELL NO to a series that it's the main element!), Ecchi (was a fan but as I got older it turned me off; but if it's interesting enough like a good story and characters then maybe), Shoujo-ai & Shounen-ai (I don't go out of my way to watch them but if it's interesting enough like a good story and characters, and more on the subtle side then I'll give it a shot).

c) I have guilty pleasure genres and series that may have ties into Shoujo-ai and Shounen-ai. These series are not explicitly in those genres. They are what you would call 'border line' series. The producers know what they are doing and it works.

How I'll be rating the series
[NB: I am no animation nor story writing expert. Everything is based on how I see things, my experience and my limited knowledge of Japan (its culture and animation industry)]

- Overall: 5 points
Basically how I felt after watching the first episode (entire series if I finished it) and if it was worth my time/if I continue the series.

Any series with a 3 and above, I'll be more likely to watch the 2nd episode but it's not definite.

- Animations: 5 points
I'm looking for decent flow and coordination of the characters and such, not perfection.

- Story: 5 points
If there's a story to tell I want to be able to follow it as each minute passes. If it's not supposed to be obvious then it need to make me intrigued enough to want to watch the 2nd episode. If there's no story, i.e it's supposed to be nonsensical, then be so and not something else.

- Characters: 5 points
Are the leads obvious and fulfilling their roles? Same with secondary characters: are they fulfilling their roles or unnecessary to the movement of the episode/series? Is there any hint of character development or shows potential to grow?

- Opening/Closing scenes: 5 points
Do they capture the attention of the viewer? Is it related to the series or just there to grab your attention? MUSIC!!!!

- World building/Progression: 5 points
Is there a sense that the series will build on its world/story?

Phew! That's a mouthful. But that's it for now.
See you next time! May the Lord Jesus continue to keep and carry you through your days.


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